What to expect from your photographer? 

I love photography and capturing the best moments of your child and family together.  My main goal is to just let your child be itself and photograph natural moments which are the most beautiful pictures.  Expect a fun session with lots of laughs and tons of props.  I love to have babies or children play with props so they enjoy their experience.  I also love to use natural lighting even in my studio sessions.  I believe that the natural sunlight can create such beautiful images.  I will ask you what your child loves or memorable places you have to create a unique photoshoot for each session.  So be prepared for a fun photoshoot with me. 


Locations to shoot? 

Anywhere and everywhere that we are allowed to shoot I will go and do the photoshoot with you.  I love to incorporate what you love to do with your child and places that you hang out together.  So bringing your personalities together can make the shoot even more fun.  I have a list of locations we can go shoot at just email me for the locations list.  I do home sessions for newborns where I come to your house with a bean bag and small backdrop with props to create that beautiful sleeping photo of your baby.  These sessions take maybe 2 hours since I try and shoot around your newborns schedule and make sure I get the best shots for you.  For babies over 2 weeks old I do studio sessions and outside natural sessions.  For outside photoshoots I prefer to shoot 2 to 3 hours before sunset or if you are an early bird we can shoot before sunrise.  This is the best time for natural light and the photographs will show how stunning it is at this time.  If you have any questions just email me at natalie.atick@gmail.com



An outfit can make any photoshoot look its best.  I have a list of vendors and places to go and buy beautiful outfits for your childs photoshoot.  You can wear whatever makes you comfortable and expresses who you are.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and I will help you with all the looks.  I am more than happy to help  with whatever you need.  Email me or call me natalie.atick@gmail.com 305.905.3012

What to bring?

This is important because I want you to be comfortable and happy.  For any shoot whether it is outside, your home, or in a studio you should have handy some water and wipies for any accidents.  Also have some snacks handy incase your child gets hungry we can have a little snack break.  Bring whatever your child loves and will distract them for the photoshoot like toys they love.  I use my Elmo lens wrap but maybe they like their favorite toy to catch their attention.  If you have any props you want to use you can also bring those.  Also bring your cute self and beautiful smiles.

Cancallation, Rescheduling, Weather?

Once you have called me and scheduled your session I will ask for a down payment of $50 to reserve your date.  If you cancel the deposit is non refundable.  You can reschedule at any time before the shoot.  I am very understanding and patient knowing that you have your baby and sometimes things can get in the way.  I know your kids can get sick or not in the mood to take pictures.  So I will be more than happy to reschedule the shoot for you.  For the weather I will always keep a watch on the forecast right before our shoot.  For outside shoots if it looks like it will rain I will call you 24 hours in advance to reschedule the shoot for a better day.